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Hi, my name is Anna and I am the founder of Anna Ellis Real Food | Real Talk.


After a number of life experiences, I decided to follow a life long dream. I have created a business sharing not only my passion of cooking and baking but also having a voice through my very own Podcast.

My passion for cooking started at a very young age, helping out in the kitchen whenever my family would be preparing meals or baking.

Brought up in a loving family environment, surrounded by amazing women such as my mother, grandmother, and aunties. I formed a love for not only cooking but to cook with the purpose of sharing with others.

Originally the idea first came to light with setting a challenge to cook through the large array of cooking books that have been collected over the years, however the realisation of ever achieving such a mammoth task would expand well beyond my life span! Shifting the goalposts slightly, Real Food was remodelled showcasing dishes loved by family, friends, and my wider network, including the sales of my gourmet handmade pavlovas.

As a survivor of domestic violence and narcissistic abuse for many years, I started to see first-hand just how widespread this type of behavior was and largely in New Zealand along with a failing justice system that does nothing to prevent further abuse or protect victims.

Through my healing journey, dealing with PTSD and other trauma from the abuse, upon joining a support group I found that there was a similar pattern shared among others and the shame victims are made to feel. This and many other factors fuelled my passion to research and learn more about people with narcissistic disorder, to have a voice, and to not feel shamed by my abuse. To stand up and talk about all my experiences in hopes to help others but also educate people, family, and friends that these types of relationships bonded by trauma aren't just a simple case of walking away.


I also wanted to use this channel to talk to others about their personal life journeys, share their stories, and at times life-changing events for them. A platform for others to also stand up and have a voice.

Due to the nature of the topics and sensitivity, all comment options have been removed for safety. Should you wish to get in contact, please use the contact form.

Thank you for taking the time to make contact. I shall endeavor to reply within 48 hours
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