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Like most Disney tales they start with darkness, villains, and on occasions violence but fear not as with every start there is a happy ending and trust me my story has one. So buckle in your seat belt and follow along for the ride. 

Ep 1 - Where Does One BeginAnna Ellis
00:00 / 13:17

Telling your truth in its raw form is unbearable in exposing the deep horrors and inner scars, stripping back everything that was once hidden. Warning this episode may be triggering for some.

Ep 2 - Stripped NakedAnna Ellis
00:00 / 11:03

Ever been told you're crazy and losing it despite the facts right in front of you? Listen in for what it means to be gaslighted.

Ep 3 - Light That GasAnna Ellis
00:00 / 07:29

Trauma bonding is a big deal and is what keeps many of us trapped, going back to our abusers much to the frustration of family and friends. What does it look like and can you see the signs before it's too late?

Ep 4 - Bonded By TraumaAnna Ellis
00:00 / 13:49

Everyone tends to show a bit of Narcissism right? But can you spot the nine key criteria's to Narcissistic personality disorder?

Ep 5 - What Truly Are The Signs Of NarcissismAnna Ellis
00:00 / 15:39

I'm sure many of you know the feeling of heartbreak, the pain from our very first love breaking our hearts. Broken heart syndrome isn't something I would wish on anyone. It can be life-threatening and can take a long time to recover from.

Ep 6 - Broken Heart SyndromeAnna Ellis
00:00 / 10:10

Non-fatal strangulation is a big, big predictor for serious violence and death. Victims who have been choked once are 750 percent more likely to be killed by their abusers.....

Ep 7 - StrangulationAnna Ellis
00:00 / 14:32

Cheating, triangulation, being played off against another. Why not just break up first? It's all a fun game and making it your fault, fueling insecurity.  

Ep 8 - Once A CheatAnna Ellis
00:00 / 14:45

You've made it, phew! So, what now? What does a happy ever after life look like, broken free and finally through all the chaos. 

Ep 9 - Happy Ever AfterAnna Ellis
00:00 / 14:02
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